Art Show Panels


Easy-way panels are the foundation for your perfect display!

Each Standard Panel has 6’ x 38” of display space per side, and weighs less than 16 lbs.

Each Compact Panel has 6.5’ of display space per side, and weighs less than 16 lbs.

The uniform backdrop showcases your work. The adjustable feet mean a level display on any surface!

2-panel display means 4 panels of versatile display space! Each panel includes connector straps for easy joining at top and bottom, with kits of 3 or more panels stiffeners and stabilizers add versatility!

Both Compact and Standard Panel are lightweight for easy transport, set-up, and storage.

Durable construction lasts a lifetime!


Lighting is the professional touch you need to showcase your work in any setting!

The Easy-Way lighting system is portable and easy to assemble.

LED and halogen options fit any budget.

Power your display discretely with our track power cord and plug.

Trade show lighting, art exhibit lighting
Art show hanging


The Easy-Way hanging system is professional, portable, and strong!

Cables and hooks have a 30 pound capacity.

No tape, no tacks, no problem! Easy-way cables work horizontally to hang banners and signs on your table or booth display.

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